ARC Pre-compliance Testing Suite

ARC Pre-compliance Testing Suite

ARC Program is a tag certification program managed by Auburn University ARC RFID Lab. ARC Program is used by retail companies (mainly in the USA) for ensuring that tagged products meet their performance requirements.

ARC pre-testing software is a quick way to test new RFID tags against ARC RFID Lab category limits. The test time is shortened to a fraction compared to method where test pattern is created with scripts or composed of individual tests. The ARC pre-testing SW produces results automatically in easy formats, there is no need for additional data processing.

ARC test software is compatible with Tagformance Pro with Tagged-Item Grading Setups (C50, C100 and C150 test chambers, and custom 4 antenna setups with rotation table).

Using the fast ARC pre-testing software before submitting tags for certification reduces the risk of receiving unexpected test results from final tests. Quick testing speeds up development cycle by providing quick feedback of design alternatives. Designers see quickly the performance criteria where targets are not met, or where safety margin between performance and limit is lower than desired.

Use Cases:

  • Shorten the RAIN RFID tag development time and time to market
  • Quickly test new tag designs against ARC RFID Lab category limits
  • Quantify safety margins for category limits and identify weak points in design
  • Save developments costs and avoid unnecessary certification test rounds