Reference Material Set

How Well Do You Know Your Tags?

When an RFID tag is attached to an item, the antenna tuning and overall performance of the tag changes. The change varies by material and may be significant. Voyantic Reference Material Set can be used for testing the performance of RFID tags, when attached to different materials.

Voyantic Reference Material Set includes a collection of defined materials that can be conveniently used when characterizing an RFID tag. The Material Set is a tool for getting comparable RFID tag performance results between multiple sites and operators.

Materials included in the Reference Material Set (Order code TF-AC-RMS):

    130 x 130 x 2 mm, 1500 g/m3
  • GLASS (Float glass)
    130 x 130 x 4 mm, 73% sand (silicon dioxide), 15% soda (sodium carbonate),
    10% limestone (calcium carbonate) and 2% various additives
  • PTFE (Polytetrafluorethylene)
    130 x 130 x 4 mm, 2.18 g/cm3, Guarniflon PTFE G400
    130 x 130 x 2 mm, 1.55 g/cm3, SBR Standard
  • FR4 (Fiberglass)
    130 x 130 x 3.2 mm, 1.85 kg/m3, Ventec VT-481
  • POM (Polyacetal)
    130 x 130 x 4 mm, 1.41 g/cm3, Ertacetal C
  • PVC (Polyvinyl chloride)
    130 x 130 x 4 mm, 1.4 g/cm3, Etradur

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