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Reelsurance RFID Label Counting and Inspection System with Tagsurance verifies both UHF and HF RFID tag operation sensitivity using communications tests at several frequency and power level combinations with high resolution, stability and high speed. The system provides also accurate label counting, missing label detection and label dispensing of required quantities.

The Reelsurance high quality mechanics with the unique programmable logic control (PLC) platform ensures 100% accuracy and repeatability of test results, tag counts, missing and bad tag count and the actual position on the roll. The automatic constant speed control capability guarantees the appropriate alignment accuracy of the measured tags to the antenna and perfect even roll tension throughout the roll, assuring reliable test results and preventing damage on the tags.

The RFID performance testing is available both for UHF and HF/NFC tags; the machine can be equipped with either one or both. The dual antenna setup allows testing both UHF and HF interfaces of a dual frequency tag with a single rewind round and also minimizes the setup configuration time between HF and UHF batches, when each has its own antenna setup. It is possible also to use both antenna locations for testing and encoding tags of same use frequency.

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Watch the new Reelsurance video for more specific information on this product and download the pdf brochure to learn more about the features and specifications!

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