Meet Us at Shenzhen IOTE 2017 on August 16th-18th!
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Voyantic will be exhibiting at the Shenzhen IOTE 2017 (2017 China International Internet of Things Exhibition) - the largest and most comprehensive Internet of Things exhibition in Asia - in Shenzhen, China, on August 16th to 18th. We would be pleased to meet you or your colleagues, so please stop by at the booth B57 that is shared by us and our local partners, Beijing Hwa-Tech Information System and Rohde&Schwarz Hong Kong!

At the Shenzhen IOTE 2017 we will showcase our trusted and widely used RFID measurement and testing solutions:

GS1 TIPP is a standard for RFID tagged item performance. Voyantic Tagged Item Grading solution tests the TIPP performance in seconds.

Tagformance Pro is the tool for tag comparison and selection. It shows how your system works without expensive and time-consuming field tests.

Tagsurance Tester, available for both UHF and HF, is essential for quality testing in RFID tag manufacturing. With Tagsurance you can ensure that each tag you receive works properly. This is a fundamental factor in a faultless RFID system.

What’s New?

Our RFID experts will gladly update you on the latest developments, so visit our booth to hear about the newest Tagformance 9 and HF 2 software releases.

The new improved Reelsurance Dual Frequency enables testing both RAIN RFID (UHF) and HF/NFC tags and it is optimized for dual frequency tag testing. It uses the Voyantic Tagsurance UHF and HF testers to verify the RFID tag operation sensitivity. This is done by using communications tests at several frequency and power level combinations with high resolution, stability and high speed.

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