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In retail supply chain RFID is largely about vendor compliance. When updating Vendor Compliance Manuals to include RFID, retailer should consider the following aspects:

  1. Data source and format on the label (probably SGTIN according to EPC)
  2. RFID tagging performance (according to GS1 TIPP grades, or ARC item category lists)
  3. Quality requirements - such as allowed variance or standard deviation.

As a supplier then implements labeling according to the vendor specifications, things to consider are:

  1. Label selection and sourcing
  2. Labeling process
  3. Quality assurance process.

Voyantic can enable you to independently verify the RFID readability of tagged retail items against the set performance requirements. This becomes especially useful if one supplies a variety of items to a variety of retailers that have different tagging requirements.

Additionally, if one aims to drive down the cost of RFID tagging by embedding tags on retail items, our testing solutions bring instant visibility to what works and what doesn’t.

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Voyantic enables companies to utilize RFID technology to its fullest potential by offering expertise, insights, test systems, training, and our contact network. We would be pleased to meet you at our booth # 25 at RVCF Fall 2017 Conference to discuss more about RFID and how we could help you!

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